Soldier credits his community service to the Army family motto

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Story and Photo by
Sgt. Ricardo Branch
8th Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs

FORT SHAFTER — People join the Army for many reasons. Some do it for money, some for country, and others for career.

One 8th Theater Sustainment Command Soldier joined the military for all three reasons and is making the most of his service by giving back to his community and his country.

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Steele, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, helps a student at Gustav H. Webling Elementary School jump rope during the Jump Rope for Heart event at the school, Feb. 19. A well-traveled Soldier, Steele routinely volunteers his time within the community and by helping host special military events.“It’s been a blast. I’ve traveled everywhere in the Pacific,” said Staff Sgt. Jonathan Steele. “I’d have to say the Army helped me join because of their motto: taking care of the family.”

It is not hard to imagine the nearly 6-foot-tall Steele as a Soldier. However, his journey in military service didn’t start with the Army but rather with the Marine Corps directly after high school.

“I shipped out to Marine Corps boot camp in September of 1994,” he said. “I joined as a musician, and it was fun. I was in band in high school, so I knew about marching and uniforms.”

During Steele’s last year of school band, he met his future wife, Brittney, through mutual friends. They were engaged after two years.

“When I joined the Marine Corps, I was away from home, so Brittney and I saw little of each other. But we kept in contact all the time,” Steele said.

Following a successful career in the Marines, Steele moved on to the Army.

“My job in the Marine Corps was discontinued, and I specialized in specific gear,” he said. “I decided to enter the Army and try something new.”

His move from one service branch to another was immediate.

“On my last day in the Marines, I went into an Army recruiter office and signed right up,” he said.
Steele has traveled a lot since joining the Army. His military occupational specialty, intelligence analyst, is a much-needed asset throughout the Pacific theater.

“I’ve been pushed out since I arrived in the unit two years ago,” he said. “I’ve been to Camp Zama, Japan, twice. I’d have to say with my most memorable moment would have been when I participated in JLOTS (Joint Logistics Over the Shore) at Camp Pendleton, Calif. It was a memory of stomping on the grounds I traveled on as a young Marine.”

When he’s not working, Steele is teaching classes at his church, volunteering within the community, and helping host special military events.

“I like to teach Sunday School at church,” Steele said. “If I’m not teaching, I’m visiting the community and helping out any way I can. It’s all about life’s lessons; how to make people be better people for themselves and the community around them.”

Since the day he joined the military and shipped off to boot camp, life has gone full-circle for Steele. He may not be a musician anymore, but he picks up the trumpet every now and then, and still makes time to spend with the most important things in life — his family.

He credits his satisfactory service in the military, and in the community, to the support received from his wife and their three children: Rebecca, Sammy and Rachel.

Although, he doesn’t know exactly what direction life has in store for him, he and his family are expecting one more bundle of joy in the coming months.

“Life’s been good,” Steele said. “I’m even going to be a father again this May with the birth of my other son, whose name has been voted on by two of my children to be Matthew.”



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