Courses ease NSPS to GS transition

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National Security Personnel System

WASHINGTON — The National Security Personnel System Transition Office has developed two Web-based training courses to support employees during the transition from NSPS to the general schedule personnel system.

While the courses address the various responsibilities of managers and supervisors, the content is useful for all employees to help them prepare for the transition.

Courses are described as follows:
1. “Classifying Positions under GS: A Primer for Supervisors” describes how positions are classified in GS.
The course covers supervisory roles and responsibilities associated with conversion from NSPS to GS, providing information via four unique lessons: “Classification in Context Introduction to GS Classification”; “Writing a Position Description”; and “Addressing Special Situations.”

2. “Performance Management: A Tool to Achieve Results” provides techniques for conducting performance conversations; methods for setting clear performance goals; practical tips for creating a culture of giving and receiving feedback; steps for rating performance; and ideas for rewarding individual and team performance.

NSPS civilians working for U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii and Installation Management Command-Pacific are scheduled to transition to the GS system in August. NSPS civilians working for U.S. Army-Pacific are set to transition May 23.

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(Editor’s Note: Adapted from the National Security Personnel System Web site.)

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