Tricare, VA partnership benefits veterans

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Service members who became ill or injured while serving on active duty and are were medically retired have health benefits available to them through both the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Almost all VA health care facilities are part of the Tricare network, however treatment of Tricare beneficiaries is provided on a space and resource available basis only.

When choosing to use Tricare benefit, retirees may be authorized to receive non-service related care at participating VA medical centers, a military treatment facility or a Tricare network provider.

Representatives are available at VA facilities to assist veterans who are eligible for Tricare and VA health care.
VA liaisons and benefit counselors are available at many MTFs to assist veterans transferring from DoD to VA care.

Retirees with a service-connected disability rated at 50 percent or higher; are unemployable due to the service-connected disability; or are seeking care for the service-connected disability are automatically eligible but must request care from the VA.

Like all retirees, medically-retired veterans and their families can choose Tricare Prime where it’s available, or Tricare Standard and Extra if they are not eligible for Medicare.

Veterans who are eligible for Medicare because of disability must maintain Medicare Parts A and B to keep their Tricare coverage.

Veterans can learn about the different financial responsibilities for Tricare-covered services and VA benefits by contacting their Tricare regional contractor, or VA Health Benefits Service Center.

Tricare and the VA also have many programs available to support veterans who became ill or were injured serving on active duty. 

Visit, call the Veterans Affairs Health Benefits at 877-222-VETS, or contact

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