Straight Talk: Larcenies, parking, decals among hot issues

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Lt. Col. Daniel Hulsebosch
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services

Larcenies and damage to private property continue to be the most frequently committed crimes on our installations, and many of these incidents can be attributed to juvenile family member misconduct.

HulseboschWe can better safeguard against this problem by ensuring our family members conduct themselves as responsible members of the community and by ensuring that property is properly secured. Please negate crime-conducive conditions by taking the time to lock up your property. 

Recently, one of our playgrounds was set on fire by some of our own family members, causing more than $70,000 damage, and depriving the neighborhood children of a playground for the foreseeable future. This is exactly the kind of behavior that we are trying to change in our children. 

Cracking down on parking

The Directorate of Emergency Services has recently been asked to take a more active role in enforcing parking problems in the housing areas. The DES has been working with Army Hawaii Family Housing community managers to better mark no-parking areas, but there are other concerns within our neighborhoods. 

Some of the most common parking problems involve residents who park against the flow of traffic, park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, park within 15 feet of the end of the street or driveway, and park in a manner that blocks postal truck access to mailboxes. 

Residents are strongly encouraged to comply with posted no-parking signs, and to avoid parking in areas where curbs are painted red. These are there to enhance your safety. 

Our housing areas have adequate parking for residents, as all occupants are allowed two parking places in the immediate area of their residence. Residents who choose to park in places other than their own, however, are only asked to ensure that they leave their automobiles in legitimate parking spaces. 

DoD sticker required for entrance as of May 1

In accordance with a Department of Defense directive and installation policy, all vehicles that regularly enter Army installations in Hawaii are required to have their vehicles registered with the Vehicle Registration Office, as well as obtain a Department of Defense decal for placement on their windshield.

Vehicles that do not have the sticker as of May 1 will be denied installation access and directed to the nearest Vehicle Control Center (Lyman Gate for Oahu, and Buckner Gate for Oahu South), to obtain a one-day visitor pass — thus enabling drivers the opportunity to receive their DoD decal. 

Vehicle registration offices are located at the Soldier Processing Center, Schofield Barracks, and at Fort Shafter Flats. 

Getting involved through anonymous crime tips program

Community members may submit anonymous crime tips to Military Police stations via cell phone text messaging or via their computers. 

To submit a text message tip through your personal cell phone, follow these instructions: (1) type “TIP730” and provide your tip information (e.g., John Doe stole a plasma TV from 123 Main Street); (2) type “crimes” (or the numbers 274637) in the “to” line; and (3), hit “send.” 

To submit a tip via your computer, complete these procedures: (1) go to /start.htm; (2) enter country and state information, and select either Schofield or Shafter from the pull-down screens; (3) provide as much tip information as you have on the following Web page; and (4) click on “submit tip.”

Tipsters are given an alias to allow for anonymous two-way communication should the MP station require more information. 

Details about our anonymous crime tip program will be provided through community bulletin channels. Continue to report emergencies by dialing 911 or contacting the Schofield and Shafter MP stations at 655-7114 and 438-7114, respectively.

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