30th Signal Battalion wins Best Warrior Competition

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Liana Mayo
311th Signal Brigade Public Affairs

Spc. Winlove Mabuti, a wheeled vehicle mechanic for the 311th Signal Command at Fort Shafter, and Sgt. Keith McCale, an information technology specialist for the System Support Team, 287th Signal Company, 78th Signal Battalion at Camp Zama, Japan, demonstrate combatives skills during their match at the Schofield Barracks gym, May 4. (Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Coble | 311th Signal Command)SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Twelve Soldiers from the 311th Signal Command, all of whom were selected from their respective battalions throughout the Pacific, converged on the island of Oahu for the annual Best Warrior Competition, here, May 2-6.

The competition, designed to test Soldiers’ knowledge and skills, included a written exam, Army Physical Fitness Test, qualification range, Army Warrior Tasks, Combatives, Land Navigation Courses and an evaluation board.

Upon winning the rigorous weeklong competition, the selected Noncommissioned Officer of the Year and Soldier of the Year will go on to compete in the ninth Signal Command (NETCOM) contest at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., June 14-18.

“This competition is about developing our future leaders, those who would run toward a fire to see how they can help, while others run away,” said Col. Dana Tankins, commander, 516th Signal Brigade, at the May 7 award ceremony. “The skills tested here involve the five components of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, which encompass what makes our Army different, and what it means to be a leader.”

Selected to represent the 311th as NCO of the Year was Sgt. LeMarquis Jackson, Radio Communication Security Maintenance Shop foreman, COMSEC Logistics Support Unit, 396th Signal Company, 30th Signal Battalion.

Selected as the 311th’s Soldier of the Year was Spc. Dustin Higgins, information technology specialist for the Schofield Barracks Network Management Group, 2nd Platoon, 396th Signal Company, 30th Signal Bn.

“It was amazing how Soldiers from all over the command came together as one team, studying to retain as much knowledge as possible,” Jackson said.

Spc. Steven Kleckner, a motor transport operator serving as the commander’s driver for the 516th Signal Brigade, and Staff Sgt. Amy Ou, an information technology specialist for the Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment, 311th Signal Command, in Costa Mesa, Calif., familiarize themselves with navigational equipment during the Land Navigation Course at Helemano Military Reservation, May 5. (Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Coble | 311th Signal Command)“I am anticipating the next level to be more intense, but we’re stepping up our study skills, and we have a great command team, and they’re doing everything they can to help us prepare for the NETCOM board,” he continued.

“For me, the most challenging part was the board,” Jackson said. “Not knowing what to expect created a real ‘conquering your fear’ type of situation. It was an exercise in the ability to calm yourself and your comrade, which Spc. Higgins did very well.

“Throughout the entire event, we looked to each other for confidence and strength, to do the best we could,” Jackson said.

“I liked the camaraderie between the competitors,” Higgins added. “We were a tight-knit group. We all worked really hard, and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the challenges of the next level.”

Tankins applauded participants for their efforts, and then said, “You proved this week that you have the components of comprehensive fitness, that when called upon with capability, you heed the call.

“Each of you, who would run toward the fire, is one in a million,” Tankins said. “At war, I would want you by my side.”

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