Soldiers showcase herculean strength in ‘Strongest Wolfhound’

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Story and Photo by
Spc. Jazz Burney
3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs, 25th Infantry Division

27th Infantry Regiment hosts its own ‘World’s Strongest Man’ geared toward Soldiers’ tasks

Sgt. Armando Borrego, a squad leader with Company F, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, participates in the Atlas water jug carry in the “Strongest Wolfhound” competition. SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — What do pulling a humvee with brute strength and a television show have in common with the United States Army?  

The answer is the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division’s rendition of the “World’s Strongest Man” competition, where the physical might and mettle of 10 Soldiers were tested during the unit’s Regimental Week, May 4-7. 

Leaders of the 27th Inf. Regt. created a four-day series of outdoor physical events and activities to build esprit de corps and cohesion. 

“Being a fan of the show, I based our rendition off my prior knowledge and memory of watching the events on TV, and the information I found through internet research on the competition,” said 1st Lt. Mike Cabanas, platoon leader with Co. A and officer in charge of the event. “I wanted to show that this type of competition can be done during a deployment when nothing is going on and be used to build team cohesion within the unit.”

He added that this type of event brings Soldiers together with a healthy competitive environment.

The “Strongest Wolfhound” competition pitted five two-man teams against each other, like the WSM competition but geared toward using common military equipment. 

The tasks were timed for speed or duration, or won by having the most repetitions. 

Events included a ballistic armor pull-and-hang, military press, Atlas weight stack and tractor tire flipping. 

However, the highlights of the competition were the humvee pull and Atlas water jug carry. 

Soldiers pulled a mobile humvee to a 25-meter destination using a rope attached to a second stationary humvee. 

In the Atlas water jug carry, each team member raced around a designated route while carrying a water jug under each arm, and wearing a 35-pound rucksack on their back. 

“My favorite event was definitely the humvee pull,” said Spc. Erik Arreola, an infantryman with Company B and participant in the competition. “I had a harness on me that gave me leverage to pull the vehicle with nothing but my legs and core strength. This really showed me how tough I was physically.” 

The competition came down to two participants who tied for the first place slot, Spc. Ira Dempcy, an infantryman with Co. C., and Staff Sgt. David Branton, with Co. A. 

The tie-breaking event was an infamous arm wrestling match where Dempcy beat Branton two out of three times and took the title of the Strongest Wolfhound in the battalion.

“These types of competition build camaraderie,” Dempcy said. “My participation gave me the opportunity to continue the relationship I established with Soldiers from our previous deployment, and also the chance to start friendships with Soldiers I will be working with in future deployments.”

Spc. Jesse Carter, an infantryman with Co. A, took third place.

The battalion plans to have other Strongest Wolfhound events in the future based on the success of this competition, Cabanas said.

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  1. Pete Sullivan says:

    Thanks to 1st Lt. Mike Cabanas’s Dad, this story is all over Facebook. Wolfhounds have gone Global.

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