College students, sponsors need to plan ahead for summer

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. — With finals ending at colleges and universities across the country, students will soon head home for summer break. 

Making sure Tricare health benefits follow them over the summer is a simple process for students and sponsors.

Students with Tricare Prime can easily transfer enrollment. Once a student gets to wherever he or she is going — home, internship or the beach, to name a few possibilities, their sponsor simply submits a “Tricare Prime Enrollment and PCM Change Form” to continue coverage. 

Coverage is effective on the day the form is received.

The sponsor must update the student’s address in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. For more information about updating DEERS, go to

To avoid higher out-of-pocket costs and point-of-service charges, students should complete all routine care before heading home or elsewhere for the summer. They should also wait until their primary care manager change is complete.

When using Tricare Standard, Tricare’s most flexible option, beneficiaries can see any Tricare-authorized provider. The sponsor of a student covered by Tricare Standard, however, will still need to update DEERS records.

Students with Tricare Standard or Prime can use Tricare’s pharmacy benefit anywhere, as long as their DEERS information is current and they have a valid ID card.


For more information about Tricare’s choices for college students, go to and select “college,” or visit


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