Commissary stocks supplies for survival

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Defense Commissary Agency
News Release

FORT LEE, Va. — Weather forecasters are predicting an unusually active hurricane season, especially for the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. 

However, patrons in the Pacific area still need to ask themselves if they are prepared. 

That’s the question the Defense Commissary Agency is asking its customers as it advises them to make sure they have enough supplies to withstand a potential disaster.  

“We are asking our customers to check the emergency supplies in their households, so that they’re ready for any event, whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster,” said Tom Milks, DeCA deputy director and chief operating officer. 

“As they take stock, we want them to remember that most of what they’ll need is available at their commissary at savings of 30 percent or more,” Milks added.

DeCA’s 2010 summer club pack program, running from July 1-Sept. 30, features products that meet the seasonal needs of commissary customers. 

The program also includes products appropriate for hurricane preparedness: food and beverages that don’t require refrigeration, flashlights, lanterns and emergency candles. 

This section of items will be displayed in stores through Oct. 31. 

Commissaries are also offering summer water truckload events to help customers stock up.


Shopping List

Stock up enough supplies for each person for three to seven days, including the following:


  • Water, at least 1 gallon, daily, per person.
  • Nonperishable and high-energy food, like canned meats, fruits and vegetables; foods for infants and the elderly; and dried fruits, nuts, raisins, granola, peanut butter, crackers, cereal, cookies and energy bars.
  • Paper goods, such as plates, towels, napkins and toilet paper.
  • Cooking items, like charcoal, and a manual can opener and utensils.
  • A first-aid kit, medicines and prescriptions.
  • Liquid bleach, hand soap, sanitizing spray, toiletries, hygiene items and moisture wipes.
  • Trash and resealable bags. 
  • A flashlight, batteries, candles and matches. 



Visit or for tips on creating a disaster supply kit. 




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