Personnel must not share their CAC card

| June 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

Courtesy ImageService members and government employees are reminded to not provide their Common Access Card, or CAC, to anyone outside government facilities.

Between April and May 2010, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, Norfolk, Va., Field Office received reports that military members had allowed some marketers in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area to scan their CAC in order to receive free promotions. 

The reporting indicated that marketing teams required consumers to scan their ID card to verify their age and to record information for future mailings. According to the reporting, marketers scanned driver’s licenses and CACs. 

The reporting indicated that military members presented their CACs to these marketers at various locations. Presenting CACs to be scanned without proper authorization or security measures can compromise the sensitive information embedded in the CAC. Also, presenting a CAC to a private vendor can compromise a service member’s date of birth and Social Security number, which is clearly displayed on military ID cards, as well as potentially lead to identity theft. 

As this new ID scanning technology presents potential security and identity theft issues, military and government personnel must protect the sensitive information on their CACs. Specifically, all Department of Defense personnel must refrain from providing their CAC to anyone outside of a government facility.

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