30th Signal Battalion takes on new tactical, technical mission

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Lt. Col. Frank Snyder
Commander, 30th Signal Battalion
516th Signal Brigade, 311th Signal Command

Unit will provide sole support for entire Pacific theater of operations

Lt. Col. Frank Snyder, Commander of the 30th Signal Battalion and Network Enterprise Center – Hawaii, addresses the Soldiers of Charlie Company, 307th ITSB following the deployment ceremony for the 307th Signal Battalion’s HHC and Bravo Companies, May 24. Charlie Co. will now be assigned to the 30th during the year-long deployment of their parent battalion’s headquarters element. These Soldiers will help enable the 30th Signal Battalion to execute all tactical and sustaining base communication missions in support of USARPAC and its subordinate units. (Courtesy of 30th Signal Battalion, 516th Signal Brigade, 311th Signal Command)FORT SHAFTER — The 30th Signal Battalion, also known as Network Enterprise Center–Hawaii, has made history.

As of June 1, the 30th Sig. Bn. became the sole provider of information technology services to tenant units in Hawaii, regardless of where those units are deployed. 

The new mission means more frequent deployments for the 30th Sig. Bn. in order to provide signal support in the Pacific region. 

This milestone marks the first time that a single signal battalion has been charged with a mission that spans the tactical and strategic realms of the Pacific region, the most geographically dispersed theater of operations in the world.  

While there was no ceremony to mark the event, excitement runs high among the Soldiers of the 30th Sig. Bn. over the significance of this enormous responsibility. 

“It really is awesome, as we continue to engineer a true network enterprise. Our customers will have a single clearinghouse to ensure the quality provision of the IT services they need,” said Col. Dana Tankins, commander, 516th Sig. Bde.

“There’s an accompanying change in mind-set, as well,” Tankins said. “With one unit overseeing both of these tactical and strategic missions, we no longer simply link customers back into the network from remote locations around the world, but rather we extend the network enterprise out to our customers.”

Traditionally, the 30th Sig. Bn. served strictly as a strategic signal asset charged with providing sustaining base IT services to units such as U.S. Army-Pacific, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, 25th Infantry Division, 311th Signal Command (Theater), and U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. 

The recent deployment of the 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion headquarters element to Afghanistan has changed that.  

Since relocating from Korea to Hawaii a little more than three years ago, the 307th ITSB has provided the expeditionary, tactical IT services that USARPAC units require. Now that half of the 307th is deployed, however, that responsibility falls to the 30th Sig. Bn.

The 30th received the attachment of Company C, 307th Sig. Bn., June 1. The company will remain attached to the 30th during the yearlong deployment of its parent headquarters element.

Co. C is a joint network node-equipped, or JNN, company, which now provides more capability to forward-deployed warfighters than an entire ITSB previously did. 

“We’re excited to field JNN, join the 30th Sig. Bn. team, and to be a part of the emerging strategic-tactical hybrid construct,” said Capt. Zachery Leonard, commander, Co. C.  “This formation will be cutting edge.”

The 30th Sig. Bn. is now the sole provider and point of service for all Army communication services in the Pacific. 

To prepare for this task, the 30th Sig. Bn.’s Headquarters and Headquarters and B companies completed their transformation to modular expeditionary signal battalion units in May. 

The transformation helped pave the way for Alpha and Charlie companies’ transformation, which will be complete in September.

“This (combination of 30th and 307th Soldiers) will no doubt further the 30th Sig. Bn.’s reputation for top-shelf customer service, as we’ll now provide it from desktop to foxhole,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Verne Washington Sr., 30th Sig. Bn., who previously served as the 307th Sig. Bn. operations sergeant major.

“Having served in both units, I can tell you that I’ve never seen so much capability combined under one headquarters,” Washington said.

The 30th Sig. Bn. began providing more expeditionary services during Exercise Cobra Gold in Thailand and Exercise Key Resolve in Korea, earlier this year.  

During Cobra Gold, the customer service center located at the information systems facility at Schofield Barracks received and processed trouble tickets from Thailand, proving that centralized support to the entire theater was possible.

The battalion deployed Jorge Bonilla, an Army civilian and networking subject matter expert, to Thailand to support USARPAC customers from their deployed locations.  

Relating what has now become an unofficial motto for the 30th Sig. Bn., Bonilla said, “Now, just like the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the 30th Sig. Bn. truly goes where you go.”

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  1. Devall says:

    This has nothing to do with Fort Shafter. 307th and 30th signal BNs exist on Wheeler Army Airfield and Helemano Military reserve. The only thing that Shafter has to do with anything is that 516th Sig BDE and 311th Sig Theater Command are based at shafter.

  2. Hawaii Army Weekly says:

    Thanks for your comment-not really sure what you mean though; this article doesn't mention Fort Shafter other than than the dateline (the beginning of the article). This is because that's where the article's actions took place, in this case, the deployment ceremony.

    Although, the 30th Sig Bn does have employees on Fort Shafter. They support the Army's information technology needs on all of its installations.

    Hope that clears up whatever your question/issue was.

    –Stephanie Rush
    Web Editor

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