Children encouraged to voice their opinions in Military Child in Hawaii study

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School Liaison Office
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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Why do some families stationed in Hawaii choose public, private or parochial schools? 

How many military families homeschool, and why?   

How do children from military families cope with parental deployments?  

What has the Hawaii experience been like for children?  

Despite a wide range of passionately-held beliefs, no one really knows the answers to these questions. Yet.

U.S. Pacific Command believes it is critical to hear everyone’s concerns and voice, so it has contracted researchers from Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii, to conduct the first longitudinal study of military families.  

Army children are invited to participate in focus groups during the first phase of this study.  

The focus groups will be held for children ages 10-18 years old, and who are attending private, public, parochial or homeschools. 

Recent graduates are also invited to participate.

Drs. Robert and Michael Blum of Johns Hopkins University will conduct focus groups, June 22-25, at the Teen Center, here, and at Aiea Methodist Church.

Focus groups are 45 minutes long and will run from 1:30-6 p.m. 

Children will need to be preregistered for specific focus group times to participate in age-appropriate conversations and questions.

Preregistration is required. Sign up your child for the chance to be heard in a focus group, e-mail or call 542-1821 or 956-9210.

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