Mixon charges all to maintain personal safety

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Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon
U.S. Army-Pacific

Courtesy ImageFORT SHAFTER — We have lost good Soldiers to motor vehicle and non-combat, operation-related accidents during the last few years, and recently, we lost a Soldier who was killed in a motorcycle accident. 

These accidents could have been prevented. 

Summer is here, and the Army is continuing its commitment to safe-guard Soldiers, Army civilians and family members to help prevent these types of accidents. 

I charge leaders and Soldiers to continue stressing the importance of composite risk management during the summer months and to always “play it safe.” 

I want you to relax and enjoy your downtime this summer by engaging in healthy outdoor recreation.

Each of you work and train hard, and you deserve it. While participating in leisure activities is a well-deserved reward for your continued dedication to military duty, it is also incumbent on each of you to make smart and informed decisions at all times.

Whether you find yourself at the beach, engaging in water sports, grilling burgers or steaks, riding motorcycles, working around the house or in the yard — play it safe! 

Take time to consider a situation and the possible risks associated with each activity before starting out, and ask yourself several questions:

•Is the area free of hazards and safe for the activity you’re planning? 

•Do you have the proper safety equipment, like life jackets for boating activities, safety glasses for at-home projects, or personal protective equipment for motorcycling or rock climbing? 

•Have you had enough rest to embark on the activity you’re planning? 

•Do you have enough water and ice to avoid dehydration or heat injury? 

•Have you packed a first aid kit and sunscreen? 

If you plan to drink alcohol during any event, make sure you know your limit and choose a designated driver beforehand. 

Leaders also need to make sure they know what their subordinates are doing, as summer is always a high-risk period due to increased travel, heat and physical activities. 

Whatever activity you engage in, make the right decisions and play it safe. One Team!

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