Straight Talk: DWI, crime prevention among DES’s concerns

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Lt. Col. Daniel Hulsebosch
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services

HulseboschWith the summer months here, the Honolulu Police Department and the Military Police are aggressively pursuing drinking and driving.

Arrests for driving while intoxicated on the installation have been steadily rising for the last few months. 

Our police are conducting more DWI checkpoints at multiple locations in an attempt to keep drunk drivers off the roads.  

Before going to any function that will serve alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver. One day without alcohol will not kill you. It might actually save your life.

•National “Click It or Ticket”  

Last month kicked off the national campaign to enforce seatbelt use. 

Spot checks, on and off the installation, are common occurrences. 

The fine for a driver or anyone in the vehicle not wearing a seat belt is $92. 

Seat belts save lives. Wear yours. 

•Department of Defense decals on privately owned vehicles.

All POVs that regularly entering the installation must have a DoD decal posted on their windshield. 

Motorists without the DoD decal who wish to enter the installation will be directed to the Visitor Control Center to receive a one-day pass.

•Crime Tips

Tired of criminal mischief in your neighborhood but concerned about getting involved? The Directorate of Emergency Services has emplaced a system wherein community members can submit anonymous crime tips to the MP Station via cell phone text messaging or with their computers.  

To submit a text message tip through your personal cell phone, follow these steps:

1) Type “TIP730” and provide your tip information (e.g., John Doe stole a plasma TV from 123 Main Street).

2) Type “Crimes” (or the numbers 274637) in the “to” line.

3) Hit “Send.”  

To submit a tip via your computer: 

1) Go to start.htm

2) Enter country and state information and select either Schofield or Shafter from the pull-down screens. 

3) Provide as much tip information as  you have on the following webpage. 

4) Click on “Submit Tip.”  

Tipsters are given an alias to allow for anonymous two-way communication should the MP Station require more information.

More information regarding our anonymous crime tip program will be provided through community bulletin channels.  

Please continue to report emergencies by dialing 911 or contacting the Schofield MP Station at 655-7114 or the Fort Shafter MP Station at 438-7114.

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