Adult Medicine Clinic at Tripler expands hours

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Tripler Army Medical Center
News Release

HONOLULU — The Adult Medicine Clinic is expanding its hours to 8 p.m., starting Monday, to take care of Soldiers, avoid excess time in the Emergency Department, and make more appointments available Monday through Friday at Tripler Army Medical Center.

“The Adult Medicine Clinic will provide acute appointments to those who currently either visit the ED for non-emergency issues, or have to wait to be seen the following day because the clinic had traditionally closed at 4 p.m.,” said Dr. Sean Harap, chief, Adult Medicine Clinic. 

The clinic will still open at 7:30 a.m., even with the extended hours to 8 p.m.

“Our goal is same-day access-to-care for patients – to take care of an acute problem as soon as possible and to get the service member back to 100 percent for duty,” Harap said.

An acute problem is one that has occurred quickly and has been present for a short period of time. 

“If you feel you are having an emergency, you should go the Emergency Department,” Harap said. “But if you feel it is not an emergency, we are available to care for you until 8 p.m. to avoid the wait, as well as to free up the Emergency Department’s services for those in need.”

Another advantage of the extended hours will be an additional military sick call after duty hours.  

“We currently provide sick call from 7-8 a.m.,” Harap said. “We will add a second sick call from 5-6 p.m. each weekday, enabling those Soldiers enrolled in the Adult Medicine Clinic to receive care after their regular workday for better service.

“The advantage is that at this later time there are more parking spaces available, gate access is faster, and traffic up the TAMC hill is not as large a concern,” he said.

Access-to-care standards require acute appointments to be scheduled within 24 hours.  

“Because we will only be targeting ‘acute’ appointments with this third shift, allowing for additional appointments, we expect to meet standards and care for all patients who come to the clinic after traditional hours,” Harap said.

For further information, call Tripler Army Medical Center at 433-2778.

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