AHFH mock electric billing begins in July

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Army Hawaii Family Housing
News Release

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Across the Department of Defense, energy conservation programs are underway with a goal to reduce the overall energy consumption in the U.S. by 20 percent – ultimately reducing the dependency on foreign energy resources.  

U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii fulfilled its responsibility to the DoD initiative with the launch of its mock billing program, Thursday.  

Data from meters on all new and existing homes, except homes that will be demolished in the Army Hawaii Family Housing residential development plan, will be collected for a mock bill which residents will start receiving Aug. 1.  

The two most important things families need to understand are that they are not being sent a utility bill for payment, and that they will not be billed for anything throughout the mock billing period, which will run for approximately one year. 

Additionally, mock billing at AHFH is for electricity only.

The purpose of the mock billing program is to create awareness among families about their household energy consumption, promote energy 

conservation, and help families who exceed electrical consumption baseline targets to reduce their use.

AHFH and ista North America, the company managing data collection and energy consumption reports for AHFH, will provide information and resources to help families come under their baselines through programs such as SYNERGY, Saving Your Nation’s Energy. 

Community managers and a full-time utilities manager also are available to assist families throughout this process. 

Money saved by reducing energy consumption will be put back directly into home and community improvements, and Soldiers and families who conserve energy will be financially rewarded. 

Likewise, Soldiers and families who are wasteful with their energy consumption will be charged for usage that is above the established baseline, or norm, for that particular home and neighborhood.  

USAG-HI has not yet determined when actual utility billing will begin, but in accordance with policies set by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, actual billing must begin within 12 months of the start of mock billing.

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