Family Child Care offers stable environment for military children

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Rita Hall
Family Child Care, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — With so many options for child care available in the local community, military families may ask why they should choose Family Child Care, a program overseen by Child, Youth and School Services. 

Sgt. 1st Class Christina Slaton, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 25th Infantry Division, has the answers: stability and consistency. 

Slaton utilizes Pam Murray’s FCC home for all three of her youngest children, as she feels it is imperative that her children know what to expect in a daily routine. 

She prefers FCC to other child care options, primarily because of the stability and consistency that one care-giving adult can offer in a small-group home setting.  

“For the military community today, FCC homes are now more important than ever because they help children with consistency,” Slaton said. “Parents are gone for random deployments all the time, and FCC is one more point of stability for them, and a support system for the family.”

Slaton likes to know that her children have just one, primary person who will be caring for them, especially while deployed. This eases her children’s insecurities during deployment and gives Slaton peace-of-mind.  

FCC homes, by their very nature, are more conducive to giving personalized, specific attention to her children’s individual needs, Slaton said. FCC providers can have no more than six children in their care, only two of who can be under the age of two. 

Plus, all three of her children can stay together in the same place. 

FCC caregivers undergo extensive background checks and ongoing training and professional development.

“That is the number one reason I have never considered off-post care,” Slaton said. “FCC keeps updated on the standards of quality child care and child development.”

For more information on the Family Child Care Program, call 655-8373.

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