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News Release

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — One of the most frequently asked for and anxiously awaited enhancements to Tricare Online, or TOL, is the system will allow parents, military sponsors and their spouses, to book appointments for minor children online. 

This system went into operation, June 30.

The military sponsor will automatically have appointment-making access for all the children, under 18 years old, in the family. 

Spouses will have appointment-making access only for minor children in the family for which they are the custodial parent. 

However, the sponsor has the ability to grant access to the spouse for any “non-custodial” minor children in the family.  

Also, adult family members can grant access to other adult family members to make appointments for them. For example, a sponsor can grant a spouse the ability to make appointments for the sponsor.  

First, a sponsor needs to register for a Department of Defense self-service, or DS, logon to access TOL. 

Then, the sponsor grants access for adult family members at the Defense Manpower Data Center, or DMDC, website. 

Lastly, adults can book appointments on TOL. 

If the sponsor has a common access card or Defense Finance and Accounting Service MyPay login ID, he or she may request a DS logon for himself or herself, and adult family members, by selecting “Request a DOD Self-Service Logon.” 

Sponsors can get their DS Logon account established immediately online. 

However, an activation code will have to be mailed to the spouse or other eligible family members. The activation code should be received within five to 12 business days. 

If an activation code is not received within this time frame, the spouse or sponsor should call the DMDC Support Center at 800-477-8227.

To request an activation code and logon for adult family members over the age of 18, the sponsor will have to select “Health Care Treatment Access Granting.” A listing of eligible family members will be displayed. 

Individuals can then grant access by checking “Health Care Treatment” and entering a beginning date. Leaving the end date blank will grant access indefinitely. 

Access granted to others can always be modified at a later date.  

When logging on to TOL using a CAC or DS logon, visitors will see themselves, any minor children and any adult family members that have granted permission to the viewer to make appointments for them. 

Select the name of the individual and proceed with making the appointment.

For more information, call 800-600-9332 or visit


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