Straight Talk: Residents should secure property, stay diligent

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Lt. Col. Daniel Hulsebosch
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services

HulseboschWHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — Larcenies and damage to private property continue to be the most frequently committed crimes on our installations. Since most of these crimes are attributed to juvenile family member conduct, parents are once again asked to take an active part in their children’s activities. 

As a reminder, children 10 years old and under should never be away from parents’ or guardians’ supervision, except when traveling to or returning from school.

Additionally, many of these larceny cases involve property left unsecured in the home, yard or automobile. 

To negate these crime-conducive conditions, take the time to ensure that personal belongings are either locked up or out of plain sight.

Speeding on installations. 

Speeding continues to be a problem on the installation. Police have been conducting more speed enforcements, especially during heavy-pedestrian traffic times in the early morning, between 5:30-9 a.m. 

Drivers are reminded that the speed for passing physical training formations is 10 mph. Runners are reminded that if a sidewalk is available, it should be used. PT formations should also review the running routes to ensure they are using authorized routes for their formation runs.

Car decals to access installations. 

Department of Defense Decals are required for all privately owned vehicles to access all Army installations.

All drivers who live on, work on, or frequently use Army installations, need to register their vehicles at an Army Vehicle Registration Office for an official military vehicle decal. 

Vehicles without a decal will be routed to a Visitor Control Center for a temporary pass. VCCs are located at Schofield Barrack’s Lyman Gate, Fort Shafter’s Buckner Gate, and Tripler Army Medical Center’s main gate. 

Call 656-5398, 655-9496 or 438-2230.

Keeping it safe this summer. 

Now that summer is here, more people are out and about on their bikes, skateboards, scooters and electric toys. 

Remember, safety equipment is required for all those who ride bikes, skateboards and scooters. 

Such equipment includes approved helmets for all ages, as well as knee- and elbow-pads for skateboarders and motor scooter operators.

Motor scooters aren’t to be driven on the public roadways or sidewalks, whether on the installation or off, the latter of which is noted in the Hawaii traffic code.

Just because these toy scooters can be purchased at the post exchange, doesn’t give Soldiers or civilians the right to operate them on post.

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