Sex Signals tour promotes ‘I A.M. Strong’ program

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Sgt. Phillis White
8th Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs 

FORT SHAFTER — The seats quickly filled up at Richardson Theatre, here, for a stage production full of jokes and audience interaction. 

However, everyone in the audience was wearing military uniforms and even though laughter filled the theater, the performance was a serious military class known as “Sex Signals.”

The Army continues to aggressively address sexual assault issues, such as focusing on prevention, caring for victims, and taking appropriate adverse administrative or disciplinary action against Soldiers who commit sexual assault, based on facts and circumstances of the individual case, as well as constantly monitoring and refining policies and programs. 

The Sex Signals tour is comprised of 18 to 20 presenters from Catharsis Productions, out of Chicago, who work with the military to present sexual assault training in a nontraditional way.

“We make the program unique and humorous, so that Soldiers are more willing to engage in open conversation, talk about things that they have seen or just even express their opinions,” said Brian Golden, Catharsis Productions presenter.

The purpose of the Sex Signals Tour is to present Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program issues, including the I A.M. Strong SHARP program. Presenters tour around the world and bring this training to all military personnel and their families.

“The training was presented to make people aware of sexual assault as it occurs in the Army, with different scenarios that (may) occur, and to prevent sexual assault from happening,” said Anna Maring, SHARP coordinator.

I A.M. Strong began in 2008 to promote a change in organizational culture and command climate by empowering Soldiers to intervene, to act and be motivated to prevent sexual assault and harassment. 

The program will be used to eradicate sexual assault and harassment throughout the military; to bring service members’ attitudes, words and deeds in line with Army values; and in turn, to become a model for sexual assault prevention in the nation.

Visit for more information on I A.M. Strong.


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