Army Chaplain Corps still rolling along after 235 years

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Story and Photo by
Spc. Raymond T. Quintanilla
305th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Maj. Kil Chung, an Oahu North Community chaplain and the 3302nd staff chaplain attached with 3302nd Mobilization Support Battalion, presents a scripture lesson from the Holy Bible at the Main Post Chapel on Schofield Barracks, recently.FORT SHAFTER — A Soldier is trained to go into battle and defend the rights and freedoms of those in need, enduring the hardship of a long deployment, separation from loved ones and the imminent danger of combat. 

Although training and weapons are vital for combative operations, the Army recognizes that Soldiers need their faith during combat, as well.

The Army Chaplain Corps celebrated its 235th anniversary of providing Soldiers and their family members with the resources and opportunities to practice their faith around the world, Thursday.

“The (ACC) was instituted by George Washington,” said Chaplain (Maj.) Kil Chung, Oahu North Community chaplain and staff chaplain attached to the 3302nd Mobilization Support Battalion, here. 

“The Chaplain Corps is unique,” Chung added. “We consist of different denominations, including Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Islamic and Jewish.”

While Soldiers carry a weapon when deployed to combat zone, chaplains use faith as their weapon of choice. 

“We can’t pick up a weapon,” Chung said. “We’d rather give our lives than to protect ourselves with a weapon. Our faith carries us through.”

Military chaplains serve God and their country without compromising their beliefs or their mission. The ACC values and traditions are committed to providing spiritual leadership to Soldiers on land and sea. 

From conflict to conflict, the Chaplain Corps has answered the call from God and country to help carry Soldiers through times of desperation.

“I serve my country through what I believe in God, and I believe this is a great country,” Chung said. “Our country promotes justice, world peace and freedom, (which are also) our Corps’ values. That’s what I stand for.”

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