Deployed Forces: 2nd Brigade Combat Team arrives in Iraq to advise, assist Iraqis

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Story and Photo by Pfc. Robert M. England, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Public Affairs

Command Sgt. Maj. William Hain (left), 2nd Stryker Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, and Col. Malcom Frost, commander, 2nd SAAB, 25th ID, unfurl the brigade’s colors during a Transfer of Authority ceremony, July 27, at Forward Operating Base Warhorse, Iraq. FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, Iraq — The flag hung in all its glory, decorated with countless streamers for battles fought and unit citations.
As the flag was lowered, two sets of hands reached for it, rolled it up, and secured the streamers tightly against the flagpole. A cloth sheath quickly covered it, and the flag was raised back to its upright position.
A second flag was lowered, the sheath was removed, and the unfurled flag was saluted as it was raised to an upright position. 
Amidst a time-honored ceremony, the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, transferred authority of the Diyala Province to the 2nd Stryker Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th ID.
“We feel very satisfied in many of the things we’ve been able to do this year,” said Col. David Funk, commander, 3rd SBCT, 2nd ID,  as he delved into the working relationships he and his command group fostered with their Iraqi counterparts, the progressive economic development in the province, and the training he and his Soldiers provided Iraqi Security Forces.
Colonel Malcolm Frost, commander, 2nd SBCT, 25th ID, acknowledged the challenges the brigade anticipates during the upcoming year, but he’s optimistic about his Warriors’ ability to overcome those challenges.
“As you know, we are a stryker brigade combat team, but we’re also an advise and assist brigade, and we have trained toward that mindset, so we can assist, advise, train and equip the Iraqi Security Forces and then support our Provincial Reconstruction Team, our State Department, the United Nations and other nongovernmental organizations as they take the lead in providing the stability for the government of Iraq through elements such as governance, economics, infrastructure, essential services, health and education,” Frost said.
Soldiers from the 3rd SBCT, 2nd ID, “Arrowhead” Bde., began arriving in Iraq in August 2009, relieving the 1st BCT, 25th ID of its command of the Diyala province.
“My recommendation for the incoming brigade is to be flexible, be adaptive, be agile,” Funk said, “and if whatever you’re doing isn’t working, change it. Don’t be afraid to try new and different things, and don’t be afraid to adjust on the fly if you need to, in order to make new things happen.”

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