Hawaii Military Child Survey opens

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Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, U.S. Army-Pacific, News Release

FORT SHAFTER — The Hawaii Military Child Survey, which focuses on Hawaii military service personnel and their school age children, went live, July 31.

The study will explore a range of issues related to schooling and education, such as academics, safety, school climate, parental involvement and expectations. The survey will include topics such as what people have heard about Hawaii schools, life in Hawaii  and educational expectations, as well as family and child history.

The survey is the first ever to follow families, even after they leave Hawaii. The study will include children who attend all types of school, who are currently on-island or arriving during the next two years.

Specifically, the primary purpose of the study will be to identify changes in families’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding life in Hawaii; their anticipations and experiences during the Hawaii tour of duty; and their expectations and experiences in the Hawaii education system.

To collect data, military parents and their children 10 to 17 years old are encouraged to take a Web-based survey, each year, for three years. The questions will be essentially the same for parents and children, although the language is adjusted to be age appropriate.

Questions will fall primarily in three domains, including the following:

•School – Academic quality, teachers and peers, school safety, advanced placement courses, school and parent communications, and support in school;

•Expectations – Expectations for life and schooling in Hawaii, expectations for parental involvement with their child’s school, and academic expectations of parents for their child; and

•Family and Child Background – Previous moves, experiences living overseas, the child’s skills and aptitudes, family stressors, types of social supports, and the child’s learning, behavioral and emotional history.

On the Web: Access the survey at https://apps3.jhsph.edu/hawaiiqol//.

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