Meditation will help to relieve your stress

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Forbes-MarianiChaplain (Maj.) Leslie Forbes-Mariani, Chaplaincy Resource Manager, U.S. Army-Garrison Hawaii

What do you do to relieve stress?

I have read about and practiced many different forms of stress-relieving activities, from exercise to meditation. I have found that each one has its merits, but the one that stands out to me is quiet contemplation through meditation and prayer.

With constant input all day from family, friends and coworkers, we all need to let stress go and not let it out in ways that are harmful to you or your family. What helps me is to find a place to be still.

In a comfortable chair, in a place that is peaceful, I can focus my thoughts on something that gives me hope, peace … and quiets my heart and mind.

I use the Holy Scriptures or meditations from the Scriptures. I allow my mind to drift in the words and ideas, and then focus on a thought or word that stands out.

A journal is a good way to document what you have learned or need to remember. I tend to use this time as a good start for the day.

Sometimes, I am so stressed that sleep is hard, and right when I am almost asleep – thoughts intrude. I don’t want to forget these, so I get my pen and pad out and write my thoughts down so my mind can sleep. The next morning, I can’t always read my own writing, but I was able to sleep, and for the most part, I am able to remember the things that need to be remembered.

The key to meditation working is setting time aside. It takes discipline to get up earlier, stay up later or take time out during the day. I have found that the morning is best for me; yet, I am not a morning person, but for this activity, I am more alert and able to stay awake in the morning.

You might find that the evening or during the day is best for you. This choice is personal, so make it your own. Find a comfortable place that is easily accessible, or you will not do it after the first few times.

At first, I had a hard time even starting because I could not sit still; my mind kept wondering and I had every excuse. Meditation takes discipline, time and practice to sit still, focus and give yourself the space to be quiet.

I skip some days when I need to adjust, but I find the time in smaller snippets during the day.

Meditation will help you let go of stress, but it needs to be a regular pattern in your life to work best.

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