All AAFES are reimbursing double credit card charges

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Army and Air Force Exchange Service
News Release

DALLAS — While the Army and Air Force Exchange Service continues to work around the clock to remedy erroneous credit and debit card charges created as a result of a processing error, shoppers who incurred overdraft fees are being reimbursed at their local facility.

“We promised to do the right thing for our customers that were affected by this unfortunate glitch, and we are honoring that promise,” said Jeffry Helm, chief, senior enlisted advisor, AAFES. “We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and want to reimburse them as quickly as possible.” 

Shoppers whose credit cards were double charged, and, as a result, suffered overdraft fees, can simply bring documentation, such as an overdraft notice or online statement, to their nearest exchange for a full refund of the fees. 

The processing error that produced duplicate charges affected AAFES locations worldwide. Depending on the type of card used, corrective action could be visible to the customer anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks.

“Shoppers who swiped their cards anytime (between Aug. 7-9) at an AAFES facility are strongly encouraged to review their statements to see if they are impacted by this issue,” said Col. Virgil Williams, chief of staff, AAFES. “If a customer finds a billing anomaly, no action will be required on their part, as we’re working to correct inaccuracies on their behalf.”

Scores of associates from AAFES’ Information Technology and Finance and Accounting teams are working around the clock to remedy any and all erroneous charges created as a result of the processing error.

“We’re putting all the resources we have towards doing the right thing for customers affected by this unfortunate turn of events,” Williams said. “If there is an overdraft fee as result of a duplicate charge, we’re going to fix it. Our priority is to take corrective action as quickly as possible and return customers’ accounts to the exact state they were prior to this glitch.”

“The (corrective action) timeline is subject to a number of variables,” Williams said. “Regardless, we want exchange shoppers to know that every possible measure is being taken to eliminate any additional charges and rectify any concerns created as a result of this processing (mistake).”

AAFES has the dual mission of providing authorized patrons with articles of merchandise and services and generating non-appropriated fund earnings as a supplemental source of funding for military Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

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