IMCOM looks for team members to join the DoD fitness challenge

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SAN ANTONIO — The Department of Defense’s “Leap Into Fall” Fitness Challenge kicks off Aug. 16, challenging DoD personnel to include more physical activity in their daily routines.

Each participant is challenged to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity, at least five days a week. 

The DoD goal is to log more than 1.5 million hours of physical activity by the end of the challenge, Oct. 31.

Civilians are encouraged to assess their emotional, spiritual, social and family fitness with the Global Assessment Tool, which is a survey. The GAT, located at, is part of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. The vision of the CSF is to create an Army of balanced, healthy, self-confident Soldiers, families and Army civilians, whose resilience and total fitness enables them to thrive in an era of high operational tempo and persistent conflict.

The Army’s Installation Management Command is also encouraging its workforce to complete the GAT survey prior to joining the challenge. The tool allows participants to assess themselves on the dimensions of emotional, spiritual, social and family fitness. The survey is also available to Soldiers, Army civilians and family members not participating in the fitness challenge. 

Challenge contestants may choose from more than 100 activities, including a wide range of sports and games like Nintendo’s Wii Sports. The emphasis is not on what participants do, but on working toward improved health and readiness in whatever way they find fun and motivating.

The Fitness Challenge is part of a yearlong DoD employee wellness campaign that aims to increase employee awareness of and commitment to the elements of a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity. 

The DoD challenge is linked to the President’s Challenge, which began as a national youth fitness test and is now a series of programs designed to help improve anyone’s activity level.

IMCOM has formed the “Army IMCOM” team to encourage command members to participate, health permitting. To join the team, go to and use the group ID number 90878. The website also has information on how to register as an individual or start a group.

DoD personnel who log at least 30 hours of physical activity from August through October will receive certificates of achievement, with special recognition going to the three individuals and groups who record the most hours over the three-month period. 


Go to and use the group ID number 90878 to participate with “Army IMCOM.”


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