Straight Talk: Residents are charged with protecting their communities

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Lt. Col. Daniel Hulsebosch
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services 

HulseboschWHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — Larcenies and damage to private property continue to be the most frequently committed crimes on our installations. Since most of these crimes are attributed to juvenile family member conduct, parents are once again asked to take an active part in their children’s activities.

As a reminder, children 10 years old and under should never be away from parents’ or guardians’ supervision, except when traveling to or returning from school.

Additionally, many of these larceny cases involve unsecured property left in the home, yard or automobile. To negate these crime-conducive conditions, take the time to ensure that personal belongings are either locked up or out of plain sight. 

On post parking.

Residents are strongly encouraged to comply with posted no-parking signs and curbs that are painted red. These are there to enhance safety. Additionally, community members need to park with the flow of traffic, not against it. Parking against the flow of traffic makes for unsafe conditions when pulling out.

The military police have been asked by the fire department to help clean up the routes around office buildings so fire trucks can get through. Parking in and around office buildings is restricted to allow fire and emergency vehicles adequate access to buildings. People who park, even for a short time in unauthorized areas, are causing a safety issue and will be ticketed. If you park your car in an unmarked spot, most likely, you are parking illegally. 

School is in session.

With schools back in session, everyone will experience more traffic and congestion. Be extra cautious around schools. Use designated drop-off areas and authorized parking areas at each school. Don’t speed in school zones, and help keep our children safe!

iWATCH Army program. 

The iWATCH Army program was recently introduced, to help keep our communities safe from terrorist and criminal activities by encouraging residents who “see something, to say something.” The program replaces the Neighborhood Watch Program that was designed to counter only criminal activity. The program was developed by the Los Angeles Police Department and has been adopted by the Army to assist local law enforcement who can’t be everywhere, at all times. The iWATCH Army program asks community members to be the eyes and ears of our security forces and to report unusual or suspicious behaviors in their neighborhoods. 

To report suspicious activity, call the Schofield Barracks MP desk at 655-7114, or the Fort Shafter MPs at 438-7114. Look for more information on the iWATCH Army program to come out in the near future. 


For more information on iWATCH Army, visit


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