New online housing resident survey ‘Insite’ goes live

| September 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

Island Palm Communities
News Release

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — A new online customer survey program called Insite has gone live on the Island Palm Communities website.

Insite will give residents a chance to rate property management services. 

Following the completion of a maintenance service order, move-in or move-out, residents will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the Insite survey. After completing and submitting the survey, information will be forwarded to Island Palm Communities and Satisfacts Research, the third-party company managing the online tool.  

Residents may choose to remain anonymous. However, if an issue should be or needs to be addressed, then a name is requested so staff can respond quickly.

A link for general feedback also can be found on the Island Palm Communities website that provides residents with an opportunity to comment, share ideas or make suggestions anytime during their residency.

Insite is intended to increase communication with residents for the timely resolution of issues, as well as provide a method whereby Island Palm Communities can evaluate and improve its services to residents.  

Positive feedback received through Insite is also important; it will help validate and ensure continued funding of important resident programs and services. 

“We think our residents will find this option quick, easy and effective in addressing their questions or concerns,” said Tom Adams, property management director. “Insite will provide residents with another way to give us feedback and share their ideas.”


Visit to fill out the Insite customer survey program. The survey is listed under “Resident Programs.” 


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