Straight Talk: Contract security guards secure their last gate on post

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Lt. Col. Daniel Hulsebosch
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services

HulseboschWHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii’s Directorate of Emergency Services has been training new Department of the Army Security Guards, or DASGs, to take over the security guard contract for our gates. 

The DES ran seven, four-weeklong training academies during the last six months. As of Sept. 15, the transition was complete, with the last contracted guard relinquishing his post to the new DASG at McNair Gate on Schofield Barracks. The DES will ultimately have 120 new DASGs. 

Right now, there are 90 fully-trained and working DASGs, with another 30 completing training by the end of October. DES will have enough guards to start conducting random anti-terrorism measures, or RAM, at the open housing area gates by the end of October. When we start our RAM patrols, our housing areas will have guards for a good portion of the day.

There will be enough manpower to have one full-time patrol in each area of operation, North and South. The RAM patrols will rotate between the gates of their housing areas. For the North, that means the DASGs will split their time between Helemano Military Reservation and Mendonca Park. In the South, they will split their time between the front and rear gates of the Aliamanu Military Reservation and the gate to Red Hill. This will give all of our housing areas substantial gate coverage, which is something we have not been able to do for many years.  

iWATCH program 

A few months ago, the Army launched a new program called iWATCH. This program focuses on an individual watching for any suspicious activity on the installation and calling it in to the police. This program can be a very effective tool for our police, as the police can’t be everywhere and they don’t see everything the community members do. Calls of suspicious activity should be directed to Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter Military Police Stations at 655-7114 and 438-7114, respectively.

Anonymous crime tips program

Community members may submit anonymous crime tips to MP stations. 

To submit a text message tip through a personal cell phone: (1) type “TIP730” and provide your tip information (e.g., John Doe stole a plasma TV from 123 Main Street); (2) type “crimes” (or the numbers 274637) in the “to” line; and (3) hit “send.” 

To submit a tip via a computer: (1) go to; (2) enter country and state information, and select either Schofield or Shafter from the pull-down screens; (3) provide as much tip information as you have; and (4) click on “submit tip.”

Tipsters are given an alias to allow for anonymous two-way communication, should the MP station require more information. 

Continue to report emergencies by dialing 911 or contacting the Schofield and Shafter MP stations at 655-7114 and 438-7114.

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