‘Wolfpack’ trains for future missions during weeklong FTX

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Capt. Emily Hannenberg
643rd Engineer Company, 84th Eng. Battalion, 130th Eng. Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command

Soldiers from 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde., 8th TSC, pull security while their platoon leader coordinates squad actions, during a raid mission conducted at the Wolfpack’s field training exercise. (Capt. Jerre Hansbrough | 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde., 8th TSC)SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Well before sunrise, the Soldiers of the 643rd Engineer Company, 84th Eng. Battalion, 130th Eng. Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, assembled for morning formation, here, Sept. 13. 

With rucksacks aligned and weapons drawn from the arms room, the “Wolfpack” gathered to begin a weeklong field training exercise aimed at testing Soldiers and leaders alike. 

“The purpose of this exercise is to provide realistic and demanding training to the line platoons,” said Capt. Jerre Hansbrough, commander, 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde. “During these five intense days, leaders and Soldiers will be evaluated on tasks and skills that will be essential during future deployments. I know they will make the most of it.”

The FTX started off with a bang, with a 48-hour period of continuous operations where platoons received, planned and executed missions varying from construction operations, to urban warfare assaults and entry control point security.  

Based out of a concertina-encircled command outpost on South Range, here, squads and platoons executed mounted and dismounted patrols to and from their objectives. During the first days of the FTX, Soldiers and leaders pushed themselves hard, despite getting very little sleep. 

“It was the kind of challenge that brings teams together and forges a special bond within squads and platoons,” said Spc. Anthony Fowlin, 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde.

Once the 48-hour missions were complete, Sept. 15, Soldiers got some much-needed sleep and then executed live-reflexive and night-fire training with their assigned weapons. 

The next night, Soldiers and leaders prepped for the culminating training event of the week, an urban warfare raid mission conducted at the Composite Training Facility for Militarized Operations in Urban Terrain, here.

“The raid mission on Friday was an outstanding training event,” said Sgt. Raymond Travioli, 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde. “It was realistic and tough. I enjoyed it so much. It made up for all of the hard missions, no showers and lack of sleep we had for the first four days.”

“This week of training was a great opportunity for team building and building confidence in the Soldiers,” said 2nd Lt. Brandy Kinstle, 643rd Eng. Co., 84th Eng. Bn., 130th Eng. Bde. “Following the (FTX), the Soldiers were more confident in their own capabilities and those of the chain of command.”

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