740th CSC stands up to support famed 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt.

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Pfc. Phil Regina
305th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Soldiers of the 740th CSC, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt., 9th MSC, stand in formation during the unit’s activation ceremony at Fort Shafter, recently. (Staff Sgt. Joan Velasco | 305th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)FORT SHAFTER FLATS — The 740th Combat Support Company uncased its colors for the first time during a stand-up ceremony, here, Saturday, marking a historic moment for the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, part of the U.S. Army Reserve’s 9th Mission Support Command. 

The mission of the 740th is to provide logistical support, transportation, maintenance and recovery operations for the 100th Bn. The formation of the 740th marks the first time an Army Reserve unit will be in direct support of the infantry battalion. 

“During past deployments, a National Guard support battalion usually provided support for the 100th,” said 1st Lt. Floyd Corder, commander, 740th CSC, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt. “The 740th was created to ensure the 100th did not have to rely on other Army elements for support.” 

The 740th is a multifaceted unit, comprised of a vast array of combat service support Soldiers. Mechanics, food service specialists, drivers and numerous other Soldiers from different military backgrounds constitute the unit, explained 1st Sgt. Kurt Williams, first sergeant, 740th CSC, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt.

“Regardless of military background, our ultimate mission is to ensure the mission capability of the 100th is the best it can be, to make sure – as our motto says – ‘to keep them in the fight,’” Williams said.  

For some Soldiers, this event was not the first time they’ve worked with the 100th. Previously, some of the mechanics were assigned to the 100th’s support platoon. 

“As a mechanic, my job is to fix anything ‘go for broke’ (that) breaks,” said Sgt. Douglas Miyasato, maintenance support specialist, 740th CSC, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt. “I deployed with the 100th during their last deployment (in 2008) to Kuwait, and it feels good that I’ll be able to continue to provide support for them.” 

“Combat service support is the backbone of the Army. While the 100th may be fighting on the frontlines, there’s no way they could be successful without good support,” added Spc. Gyasi Knight, mechanic, 740th CSC, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt., who also deployed with the 100th during its last deployment. 

“I just try to do my part and provide good support,” Knight said.

Lt. Col. Kimo Dunn, commander, 100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt., encouraged the Soldiers of the 740th to add to the unit’s history. 

“As you all know, the 100th is well known because of the courageous service of our 100th Inf. Bn. and 442nd Regimental Combat Team veterans,” Dunn said. “The 740th will provide the life-blood of the current 100th. I challenge the Soldiers of the 740th to maintain the high standards of the 100th and add to the history of this proud unit.” 

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