Customer service champions uphold garrison’s ‘pono’ code

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Ophelia Isreal
Customer Management Services, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — John Warren planned to go to work, on his weekend, to finish editing video footage of a fallen Soldier’s memorial service. Warren, one of four dedicated employees in the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii TV2 Multimedia/Visual Information Center, doesn’t complain about working on the weekends.

“The family has already suffered a great loss,” Warren said. “Before they leave the island, I’d like them to have the video in their hands so that they know the Army honors (their Soldier’s) memory.”

It is this selfless attitude, which exists in each staff member of the TV2 VI Center, that makes them customer service champions. Always behind the scenes and never seeking recognition, the M/VI staff goes about its business of shooting footage, making videos, providing audiovisual support and programming TV2 without a word of protest.

The members of the M/VI staff provide great customer service because of their individual belief in their work and their collective belief in each other. The staff epitomizes USAG-HI’s customer service code of conduct to be “pono” — professional, polite and positive — and it is the garrison’s and military community’s good fortune to have these customer service champions on its team.

For example, back in July, when the M/VI Center was producing an evening, live television town hall with Maj. Gen. Michael J. Terry, commanding general, U.S. Army-Hawaii, and Col. Douglas Mulbury, commander, USAG-HI; Brian Gruspe, another member of the M/VI staff, was expecting an important call from his wife to let him know that the birth of their first child was imminent.

Instead of being with his wife, Gruspe was attentive in the control room, working video magic to help make the town hall a success. When asked why he was there instead of with his wife, Gruspe answered, “It’s fine. I have my cell phone on vibrate.”

Earlier this year, USAG-HI’s Customer Management Services needed a video made, but a lack of photography skill was making the task difficult to complete. Eric Tagayuna, M/VI staff member, took on the project that required taking professional-level photographs at 5:30 a.m. On a diet of energy drinks, coffee and a bag of candy, Tagayuna produced the well-received, quality video in one day.

Consistently understaffed, the M/VI staff is often challenged to provide support to a variety of venues and projects. The staff manages to remain positive and maintain a high level of professionalism and courteous support while being busy. That’s likely because of the family-like, team atmosphere.

“We make do with what we have to get things done. It doesn’t make sense to complain,” said Larry Thomas, chief, M/VI, who smiles as he hammers together a handmade podium that has seen better days.


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