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U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii
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Eric Mueller portrays a Civil War-era Union Army infantry Soldier at the Tropic Lightning Museum’s Living History Day, Saturday. In real life, he has served as a commissioned officer in the Navy. (Vickey Mouzé | U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs)SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Re-enactors clad in period military uniforms roamed the Tropic Lightning Museum’s grounds at the annual Living History Day, here, Saturday.

Static and hands-on exhibits of modern and historic military equipment, military memorabilia and restored military vehicles were also part of the annual event.

The celebration pays homage to the 25th Infantry Division, which was activated here Oct. 1, 1941. The “Tropic Lightning” Division has participated in military engagements throughout the world, including areas like Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where it set a record for serving 165 days of active combat in 1945.

Today, the division continues to support Overseas Contingency Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Among the re-enactors was Eric Mueller, who portrayed a Civil War-era Union Army infantry private. He said that he enjoys helping educate the public about the Civil War. Wearing the “blue and gray” of the North, he explained the necessary steps of loading a (reproduction) Enfield Rifle-Musket, which completed his period uniform. He also discussed period camp life in general, while standing in front of a Civil War-era tent.

Fran Kramer portrayed a World War II-era Women’s Army Corps captain. Wearing a WAC khaki shirt and slacks, she said that she is an re-enactor at the U.S. Army Museum at Fort DeRussy, where she also portrays a World War II-era Army Nurse Corps lieutenant colonel. Either uniform, however, gets the attention of young military service members at the museum. 

“They recognize the rank, but not the uniform,” she said, adding that they’ll render a salute, just to be safe. 

Both Kramer and Mueller have served as actual commissioned officers, Mueller as a Navy officer and Kramer as a WAC officer.

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