Pacific Regional Medical Command re-enlists en masse

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Jan Clark
Tripler Army Medical Center Public Affairs 

The No. 68 jersey-donned Pacific Regional Medial Command Soldiers pose with former Pittsburg Steeler, Chris Fuamatu-Ma’Afala, following a mass re-enlistment ceremony at Hickam Air Force Base, Oct. 1. The Career Management Field “68” applies to all enlisted medical Soldiers’ Military Occupational Specialty. (William Carnes | Tripler Army Medical Center)HONOLULU — With the ambiance of the tropics and a beautiful beach backdrop, the re-enlistment of 60 Soldiers from the Pacific Regional Medical Command, held at Sea Breeze on Hickam Air Force Base, Oct. 1, proved an inspiring event, bringing with it a sense of tradition, service and family.

With continued service to their country utmost on their minds, members of Tripler Army Medical Center, the Schofield Barracks Health Clinic, the U.S. Dental and Veterinary commands, and the 18th Medical Deployment Support Command raised their hands and took the oath — one more time.

“Today is a great day because we are going to re-enlist Soldiers into our Army to stay in boots,” said Brig. Gen. Keith Gallagher, PRMC commander. “These Soldiers are re-enlisting to stay in anywhere from a couple of years, to several years, or indefinitely, and that is very instrumental now, because we are a nation at war. These Soldiers joined the Army at war — many of them did, and they are going to continue to serve in the Army while our nation is at war.” 

The ceremony was used as a platform to express how proud PRMC is of the job its Soldiers have done so well, and to recognize their contributions for the patient care they provide, the deployments they undergo, and how thankful the command is for the Soldiers signing on and continuing that service.

Master Sgt. John Kiehl, senior career couselor, PRMC, coordinated the event and was impressed by the numbers.

“We have 75 Soldiers re-enlisting today throughout the Pacific, including Japan, Guam and Okinawa, for the PRMC,” Kiehl said. “That’s a combined total of 330 years of service: men and women dedicated to the United States Army and the United States of America. They are why I do my job.”

“The Army is also about families,” Gallagher said, adding that many Soldiers’ families were in attendance to witness the ceremony. “Let’s bring the family members up to join their Soldier before we issue the oath. Why? Because this is about the Army re-enlisting the entire family, not just the individual Soldier. 

“It is the families that talk to the Soldier about the decision they are going to make,” he said. “It’s the families that discuss what the future and the career is going to be, and it is the families that are certainly very influential in what the Soldiers do.” 

Gallagher expressed his appreciation to the Soldiers and their families, and his honor to re-enlist them.

“I look forward to working with each and every one of you, today, tomorrow or anytime in the future — here, or anywhere in the world,” he said.

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