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FORT SHAFTER — Historically, Americans who are stationed overseas or living away from home have had a tough time casting their votes during election years. 

However, all voters have at least one option for getting a blank ballot, electronically, this year.

Absentee ballots from military and overseas voters have often not counted, simply because they were delivered too late. In 2009, however, President Barack Obama signed the Military and Overseas Voters Empowerment Act into law. The MOVE Act requires all states to make blank absentee ballots available in at least one electronic format — e-mail, online ballot delivery system or fax — at least 45 days before an election.

More than half the states in the country now post absentee ballots online for military and overseas voters on their state websites. Additionally, voters from all 55 U.S. states and territories may use the federal write-in absentee ballot at the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s website to vote for federal candidates. 

For state-by-state specifics and state online ballot marking systems, see the “State Voting Information” tab at www.fvap.gov. 

The online federal write-in absentee ballot allows voters to access and mark ballots for federal elections. 

Voters who do not receive a regular absentee ballot may complete a ballot with the help of an automated assistant. To jump-start the process for military and overseas voters, FVAP has developed the federally funded Electronic Voting Support Wizard. With this system, voters may access their states’ precinct-specific absentee ballots to print, sign and submit their votes.

Voters may select their candidates online, print a ballot marked with with their choices, sign an oath and return the ballot package by whatever means their state allows, including mail, e-mail, fax or an online system. With this method, voters receive more time to review, mark and return their ballots by state deadlines. 

The combination of these systems, and early ballot availability, means voters can have their ballots in hand to vote and return at least 45 days before an election.

Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program at www.fvap.gov.

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