Tripler Outpatient Lab reopens

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Sgt. Matthew Coleman
Joint Commission Office, Tripler Army Medical Center

Tripler Army Medical Center staff members assist patient Christine Leclerc with son Aaron as she releases the ribbons for the lanai in the Outpatient Laboratory reopening ceremony, Friday. (Marlowe Gungab | Tripler Army Medical Center)HONOLULU — The Outpatient Laboratory at Tripler Army Medical Center has reopened following 10 months of remodeling.

The lab is now more patient friendly, incorporating patients’ feedback.

“It wasn’t just one survey asking ‘what do you want to see’ it was from all those comments that we’ve seen over the years, our patients speaking up and telling us how we could improve,” said Maj. Claudia Henemyre-Harris, chief of the OPL and Core Lab. “We took those comments to heart and made changes.”

Customers frequently mentioned the long wait times or patient privacy issues through the Interactive Customer Evaluation, or ICE, feedback cards. 

For example, a closed door has been transformed into a warm and inviting open area with ample seating for early arrivals. Also, the front desk now offers more privacy.

“On any given day, upward of 300 patients come through the OPL,” said Henemyre-Harris. “The task of simply controlling traffic can be a daunting one, and was (the) cause for delays in getting in, getting seen and getting out. 

“Now, with the new ticket system, OPL staff can identify if you have a slew of tests to be done, or if you simply need a quick blood draw,” she said. “This will filter out a lot of the lag time, as 60 percent of patients seen won’t need more than a single poke.

“The new reception desks have walls separating each section to improve patient privacy,” Henemyre-Harris said. “We’ve also incorporated a lower desk level for easier wheelchair accessibility.”

Overall, Henemyre-Harris thinks that the remodeling looks great and will be one of the nicest facilities on the island.

Chris Leclerc, attended the reopening ceremony with her daughter Allison, 8, and son Aaron, who was born at TAMC, Sept. 19.

“I am thrilled that we have this beautiful new lab to use,” Leclerc said. “This is much more spacious and easier to find and use. I have three children, and I’m all about easy (errands).”

“Hats off to leadership in the lab for listening to the patient comments and implementing them,” said Brig. Gen. Keith Gallagher, commander, TAMC, who attended the ceremony. 

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