Defender 6 Sends: Veterans Day is a time of respect, remembrance, safety

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Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch
Commander, Installation Management Command

LynchWASHINGTON — The survival of our country depends on the willingness of Americans to defend the tradition and principles set forth by our founding fathers.  

Our freedom was not easily won. It cannot be maintained for us and future generations without cost, commitment and risk. 

All veterans, especially our wounded warriors, deserve nothing short of our highest praise and respect. 

A time will come when this generation of Soldiers will step out of uniform, and God willing, they will grow old. Someday, their children and their children’s children will gather to honor them, ensuring Veterans Day remains a day we remember the ones that have gone before us.

Impress on all Soldiers, civilians and family members that accidents never take a holiday. Dangers from driving automobiles and operating motorcycles continue to take a toll. 

Fall activities such as hunting, sports and use of home heaters and fireplaces all have inherent hazards. These hazards will harm and even kill if they are not controlled, especially when combined with alcohol or other mind-altering substances. 

Remain aware, at all times, of the dangers, and know how to reduce the risks.

I wish each of you a safe holiday and thank you for your continued selfless commitment to our nation and our Army. 

Take care and thanks for all you do.

Defender 6

To view the Fall and Winter IMCOM Safety Brochure, visit

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