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Island Palm Communities
News Release

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The Department of Defense is asking everyone to conserve energy, and families living on installations are no exception.  

In July, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii launched a DoD utilities conservation program that requires Soldiers and their families to become responsible for their electricity usage.  

A mock billing program was created to allow residents to become familiar with the program before it is put into effect.

Residents receive monthly statements from ista, the data management and billing provider, which details electricity usage. The bill also compares personal usage to an average amount of electricity consumption in similar types of homes.  

If a resident is below the baseline, the statement shows how much money the resident would receive for saving energy. Likewise, if consumption is above the baseline, the statement shows how much money is owed.

Town hall meetings were held Nov. 8, at Aliamanu Military Reservation, and Nov. 10, at Schofield Barracks, to provide an update on the mock billing program and to answer questions. 

“We have scheduled quarterly town hall meetings to help ensure our families understand how the program is managed and how they can benefit from the program,” said Tom Adams, director, property management, Island Palm Communities.  

“Money saved through this conservation effort means there will be more funds to support and enhance community amenities and programs,” he said.

During the next few months, Island Palm Communities will work to ensure the integrity of meters and accuracy of information:

•By physically verifying every meter to make certain meters are plugged into the right home and no outside entity is pulling power from a home.

•By carefully analyzing data. 

•By training and certifying staff to conduct energy audits that will help residents lower energy consumption.

•By standardizing communication with residents. 

Visit and click on the “Resident Programs” menu to learn more about the mock billing program, Energy saving tips, online statements and other information can also be found at

If residents have questions about their monthly statements, they can e-mail or call (800) 569-3014.

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