Commander’s Corner: Mulbury addresses IAC concerns past, present

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Col. Douglas Mulbury
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii


In the September edition of the “Ask the Garrison Commander” column, I talked about an important community forum called the Installation Action Council.

This council is formed by senior military leaders, Soldiers and family members from each major command, and community groups such as the civilian workforce and Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers.

I chair the council, and garrison directors and other senior staff attend as subject matter experts.

The purpose of the council is to consider and prioritize issues and concerns that broadly impact our local military community. The council is not intended to address individual problems — those are better served through the Interactive Customer Evaluation system. Rather, the intent is for council members to hear issues that affect our entire community.

The IAC is also a complementary program to the Army Family Action Plan. Issues that require higher command resources, direction or support will move through AFAP as they do now; those which can be resolved at the garrison level will be addressed through the IAC.

Nov. 15 was the first quarter IAC was held at Schofield Barracks. Of 46 current community issues, the council was able to address 37 of them, closing or resolving 25.

New issues were also identified and garrison staff is are already working on them. Some of these issues are included herein:

Issue: Is it possible to add solar panels to the homes in older communities to help with energy conservation?

Response: Energy conservation is the concern of our entire community and certainly of Island Palm Communities. The challenge with some of our older homes is that they are considered historical quarters. Any changes or additions to these homes must be approved by the Hawaii State Historic Preservation Division to ensure compliance with requirements.

Island Palm Communities did submit a request seeking approval to add solar panels, but the request was denied.

Issue: There are no lights at the community skate parks, and it becomes too dark to use the facility at night.

Response: The skate parks and other recreational areas were surveyed throughout our community. While the initial intent was to consider the possibility of lighting, there were more pressing concerns to take into account.

Some of the skate parks were being used as an area for delinquent and abhorrent activities. It was determined that, for the safety of all community members, recreational areas will be closed and off limits at sundown or 7 p.m.

New signage is being posted at these areas, and strict enforcement of the policy will occur.

Issue: Temporary vehicle passes do not seem to be honored by all gate guards throughout the garrison.

Response: Temporary installation day passes – yellow passes – are recognized on all Army Hawaii posts, regardless of the issuing post, but only for the day the pass is issued. The pass expires at midnight on the day it is issued.

There may have been some confusion with this policy in the transition from contract guards to Department of the Army Security Guards, but the issue should now be resolved.

Updates on previously published issues

The following are responses to previously announced issues:

•New computers in the Teen Center: While the move of the current Teen Center to Bennett Youth Center has not yet occurred, new computers have been installed at the Teen Center.

•Hale Kula Elementary School lot: The gravel lot near the Hale Kula Elementary School is scheduled to be paved and striped for parking in fiscal year 2011.

This paving will increase the amount of parking near the school.

•Air conditioning at the Fort Shafter Bowling Alley: The Corp of Engineers Research Lab had initially elected to replace the air conditioner at the Fort Shafter bowling alley. However, after further review, CERL has chosen to replace the Schofield Barracks Bowling Alley air conditioning system instead.

The Directorate of Public Works is continuing to seek funding for Fort Shafter’s Bowling Alley, but funding will likely not occur until after fiscal year 2011.

New Issues

The following are new issues to be addressed:

•Feral cats throughout the garrison, especially in the Aliamanu Military Reservation housing area.

•Installation of traffic mirrors near the 8th Military Police Brigade to help with the identification of oncoming traffic.

•Updating the signage to indicate unit sponsorship of community areas.

•Maintenance of the grass on Hamilton Field for unit use.

•Availability of restrooms for organized youth activities at the AMR community center.

Items listed in this article are only a few of the issues addressed at the IAC. The minutes and issue log can be found on the garrison website at

I encourage our community members to submit their issues and recommendations to the garrison through their unit IAC representative, the garrison website or by e-mailing

For additional information abou this council, contact Customer Management Services at 655-9033.

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