Community policies aim to ensure safe holiday season

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Island Palm Communities
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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — To help ensure this holiday season is a safe one, residents in Island Palm Communities should heed installation policies when decorating their homes.

Additional guidelines apply to historic homes, so check with your appropriate community center for more information.

Residents should ensure reasonable use of inside and outside electric ornamental lighting is authorized. Do not penetrate roofs, siding or fascia with nails, staples, bolts or screws to install lighting. Use clips or tape specifically designed to install temporary holiday lighting.

Note that Christmas lights are authorized 30 days prior to and two weeks following the Christmas/New Year season. Further, residents are responsible for any damage and/or liability resulting from the use of their ornamental lighting.

All residents must practice energy conservation and limit the use of ornamental lighting to evening hours, from dusk until 11 p.m. Don’t leave lighting on during daylight hours. Additionally, residents are not allowed on roofs for any reason – which includes placing ornamental lighting.

Residents are reminded to carefully inspect and control ornamental lighting to avoid fire. Ensure that all self-installed lighting will be used in proper applications and meet safety regulations. For example, extension cords are intended for occasional use and must not be used on a permanent or semi-permanent basis inside or outside of any Island Palm Communities home.

Outdoor lighting and electrical cords must be approved by the Underwriter Laboratory and designed for outdoor use.

Oahu South, North Communities Points of Contact

For more information, call the Oahu South community director at 275-3803 and Oahu North at 275-3700.

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