Staff sergeant honored with Meritorious Service Medal

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Sgt. Phillis White
8th Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs




FORT SHAFTER — Staff Sgt. Celeste Imel, career counselor, 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 45th Sust. Brigade, 8th Theater Sust. Command, was recently honored with a Meritorious Service Medal for her knowledge, expertise and above-and-beyond effort as the career counselor for the 524th CSSB.

“To be awarded an MSM is a great honor in itself,” Imel said. “(However,) it is not the award that will have a bearing on the rest of my career, but my continued dedication and devotion to the retention program and the Soldiers I serve.”

Imel has served in the military for six years. She started out as a retention noncommissioned officer, but later reclassified to become the career counselor for the 524th CSSB.

Imel is also the president of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, here.

“Staff Sgt. Imel has worked very hard, with little help; (this award) is well deserved,” said Master Sgt. Sheila Sango, senior brigade career counselor, 45th Sust. Bde.

Imel’s next step is preparing for the Secretary of the Army Career Counselor of the Year award competition, Jan. 26, 2011. The Career Counselor of the Year award recognizes the most outstanding career counselors, in the rank of sergeant first class or below, for achievements in support of retention efforts and the counselors’ personal qualities.

The Secretary of the Army Career Counselor of the Year board measures the career counselor’s knowledge of the Army’s retention program, the Personnel Competency Enhancement program and the Force Alignment program. The counselors are also scored on the Army physical fitness test and a written exam.

“Winning the board will give her an edge for promotion … and possible future assignments,” Sango said.

Imel credits her accomplishments to the mentorship she has received from her fellow counselors and senior NCOs. She also credits her mother and daughters for their unconditional support.

“I would just like to thank all the Soldiers, senior leaders and my fellow career counselors for all the amazing experiences, vast amount of knowledge and unwavering support (they shared) throughout my time in Hawaii,” she said.

“My family is extremely supportive and proud of all my accomplishments thus far in my military career,” Imel said. “Every bit of my accomplishments is a direct result of their unwavering support.”


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