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Capt. Benjamin Wunderlich
Tripler Army Medical Center

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HONOLULU — To help New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and getting fit, Tripler Army Medical Center’s registered dieticians offer the following tips to help you lose weight:

•Substitute low-calorie drinks for diet for high-calorie drinks.

Liquids filled with calories, including soda, fruit juice, multi-vegetable drinks, energy drinks, sports beverages, alcohol and sweet tea are one of the main reasons that Americans add one more notch to their belt loops each year.

These beverages add a large percent of calories, per meal, without any real nutritional value, and most Americans don’t even think about it.

Make smarter choices by choosing reduced or sugar-free beverages such as water, black coffee, diet soda, 50-percent juice and sugar-free energy drinks. Also, substitute artificial sweetener for sugar in powdered drinks or sweet tea.

•Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Try drinking 16 ounces of apple juice, observe the length of time it takes to consume and how full you are 30 minutes later.

At a different time, eat two large apples, record how long it takes to eat the apples and observe how full you are 30 minutes after. Which took longer to consume and which one kept you full longer?

Fruits last longer because they contain fiber. Fiber helps control blood sugar, contains zero calories and keeps you full. Weight Watchers recently changed its point system to make all fruits and vegetables zero points. You can have as many fresh or frozen mangos, green peas, grapes or kale leaves that you want, stay full, and lose or maintain weight.

(Editor’s Note: Wunderlich is a dietician at Tripler’s Nutrition Care Clinic.) 

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