Footsteps in Faith: Current choices may impact, influence someone’s future

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Chaplain (Capt.) Josh Llano
45th Sustainment Brigade, 8th Theater Sust. Command



This story about a British family that journeyed to Scotland for a summer vacation is true.

One day, the son wandered off all by himself. As he walked through the woods, he came across an abandoned swimming hole, and, as most boys his age would do, he took off his clothes and jumped in.

However, he was totally unprepared for what happened next.

The boy remembered that his parents told him to wait an hour after eating before going swimming. Before he knew it, he was seized by a severe attack of cramps.

He began calling for help, but he was fighting a losing battle to stay afloat with the cramps.

In a nearby field, a farm boy was working. When he heard the frantic cries for help, he ran and brought the boy to safety.

The father whose son had been rescued was, of course, very grateful. The next day, he went to meet the farm boy who saved his son’s life. As the two of them talked, the Englishman asked the brave young man what he planned to do with his future.

“Oh, I suppose I’ll be a farmer like my father,” the boy answered.

“Is there something else you’d rather do?” asked the grateful Englishman.

“Oh, yes!” answered the farm boy. “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but we’re poor people, and we could never afford to pay for my education.”

“Never mind that,” the Englishman said. “You’ll have your heart’s desire and study medicine. Make your plans, and I’ll take care of the costs.”

The brave farm boy did become a doctor, but there is more to the boys’ stories.

Some years later, Winston Churchill became very ill with pneumonia. Word was sent to Dr. Alexander Fleming, who had discovered the new wonder drug penicillin, to come immediately. Flying in from England, Fleming administered his new drug to the ailing prime minister.

In doing so, he saved Churchill’s life for the second time.

You see, Fleming had already rescued Churchill from the swimming hole so many years before.

Fleming had a great influence on the world with his discovery of penicillin. His obstacle of not being able to go to medical school was overcome, with the help of someone who had the means and ability to make a tremendously positive impact on one small boy. That choice helped the boy make the same impact on the world.

Have you ever stopped to think about how you might be able to have the same kind of impact on someone you meet today?

My guess is that you probably won’t have to look very far.


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