‘Golden Dragons’ support VIP’s visit

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2nd BCT helps maintain relationships

Pfc. Alyxandra McChesney
1st Advise and Assist Task Force Public Affairs, 1st Infantry Division, U.S. Division-North

CONTINGENCY OPERATING LOCATION MCHENRY, Iraq – The “Golden Dragons” of 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, provided transportation and security for a VIP visiting the Haweja district of the Kirkuk province.

Col. Christopher Vanek, deputy commanding officer, 75th Ranger Regiment, returned to Iraq, Feb. 4, to visit Iraqis he had built relationships with during previous deployments in 2007. Vanek deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq, as the task force commander of 1st Brigade, 87th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division.

“This visit was made possible thanks to Lt. Col (Andrew) Ulrich, and I want to say thank you for making one of my dreams come true,” Vanek said, acknowledging the support from the commander of 1st Bn., 14th Inf. Regt., 2nd BCT, for providing security and assistance for the visit.

In support of Operation New Dawn, the 1st Bn., 14th Inf. Regt., 2nd BCT, is the current unit responsible for advising, training and assisting the Iraqi security forces in Haweja and the surrounding districts.

“We, too, have a strong relationship with the people of Haweja,” Ulrich said.

The current U.S. forces commander in Haweja said Vanek’s return served as an example of the loyalty and trust that has been built between U.S. forces and Iraqis during the course of the last eight years.

Vanek also used the opportunity of his visit to visit the Golden Dragons, because he will soon be assuming command of 2nd BCT.

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