Tripler MAPS offer route to world-class care for its patients

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Tere Bandy
Tripler Army Medical Center Public Affairs

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HONOLULU — Health care providers at Tripler Army Medical Center are using the latest patient care systems to deliver superior, consistent care.

One of those systems is MAPS, or the (U.S. Army) Medical Command Armed (Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application) Provider Satisfaction.

MAPS helps providers use the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application, or AHLTA, the military’s electronic health record.

Medical clinicians in all fixed and deployed military treatment facilities, worldwide, use AHLTA, which is a secure, online and centralized electronic health record to help make informed patient care decisions at the point of care, anytime, anywhere.

MAPS is a collection of computer hardware and software combined to create an efficient and effective means of documenting health care. MAPS and its tools, such as voice recognition software and mobile tablet computers, can reduce the time required to record medical notes, such as patient instructions and screening notes, into AHLTA.

Additionally, MAPS helps ease workloads and increases administrative and patient interaction times.

For example, Tripler health care providers can use MAPS’ voice-recognition software to dictate notes into the computer and have the notes typed automatically. Providers receive training and get their own personal microphone headset.

Also, MAPS tablet computers allow for mobile medical care. The tablet’s twist-top, touch-screen design admittedly creates an unconventional work environment, but allows providers to bring technology to their office or patient treatment room. Some departments, here, have already received tablets for provider use.

“Our mission, our goal, is to get everyone trained,” said Larry Huml, information technology technician, TAMC. “(Tripler’s Information Technology department) is more than eager to assist anyone in need, even with over-the-shoulder training. This means that you call the help desk, open a work order and a technician will come to your location and provide you with training and assistance.”

“MAPS will give our (military treatment facilities) the commercial off-the-shelf options that many of (Army health care providers) have requested,” said Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker, Army surgeon general, in an online blog. “(MAPS) will focus on personalized training and ongoing help desk support … MAPS is one of my top priorities for implementation.”

“I am committed to making … changes that will enhance the AHLTA experience at MTFs, increase provider satisfaction and ensure a more robust patient encounter record,” he said online. “We need to strike a healthy balance between innovation and standardization.”

Brig. Gen Keith Gallagher, commanding general, TAMC, has prioritized patient care as his highest concern.

Tripler IT offers MAPS training
Tripler Army Medical Center health care personnel needing MAPS training should call Tripler’s Information Management team at 433-7777.


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