Live utility billing to begin July 1

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Island Palm Communities
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Island Palm Communities

Island Palm Communities

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Live utility billing will begin July 1 for residents living in homes constructed after 2004, and those residents will receive their first live statement in August.

Residents living in renovated and non-renovated homes will receive live bills when a substantial number of homes in their respective communities have been brought up to a similar standard.

“After analyzing data and home profiles during the mock billing period, Army and Island Palms Communities leadership decided, at this time, to bill only residents living in homes constructed after 2004,” said Col. Douglas Mulbury, commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii.

Also, these residents will receive a 120-day notice prior to the start of live billing.

“Families living in renovated and non-renovated homes will continue to receive mock energy consumption statements, which we hope will keep household energy consumption top-of-mind,” Mulbury said. “Armywide, the goal is to reduce consumption, and our families have a great opportunity to support this important goal.”

To further the Army commitment of helping residents conserve energy, IPC has implemented an Energy Usage Audit Team, which can educate residents on energy conservation techniques and identify energy consumption issues within homes, through an energy audit.

Audits can be conducted upon either a request from a resident or when the IPC team identifies unusual consumption data for a home.

Families with a deployed or deploying spouse will receive priority when requesting an energy audit.

Live Utility Billing

Live utility billing will begin in the following neighborhoods, July 1:

North Region
•Kalakaua, Kaena, Porter, Moyer, Aloala (Phase I), Wili Wili

South Region
•Aliamanu Military Reservation: Makai View, Plumeria, Bougainville, Ama and Skyview
•AMR Rim/Red Hill: Red Hill Mauka
•Fort Shafter: Simpson Wisser and Radar Hill

To request an energy audit, contact “ista” customer service at (800) 569-3014 or e-mail

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