IPC launches window safety campaign

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Island Palm Communities
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Island Palm Communities

Island Palm Communities

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Windows play a vital role in home safety, serving as a secondary escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency.

The Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council reminds parents that windows can also pose a risk for a fall in the home if other safety measures are not followed.

To help promote window safety awareness, the National Safety Council celebrates National Window Safety Week each year during the first full week of April.

To help spread this important message, Island Palm Communities has launched a window awareness campaign.

“Providing our families with information on how they can help keep their loved ones safe has always been a main priority,” said Tom Adams, director, property management at Island Palm Communities. “We share safety information with families when they move in and make an effort to keep safety top-of-mind throughout their residency, with monthly tips on our website’s Safety Net page and with campaigns like this,” he said.

IPC has conducted similar safety campaigns in the past, such as fire awareness, Adams added.

During the next few weeks, IPC community and maintenance teams will distribute safety tips to residents while conducting daily community walks or following routine services calls.

Staff will hand out cards with important window safety tips and provide valuable information and resources on its website.

Keep keiki safe

Unattended children run the greatest risk of falls and injuries, so the best first step is to watch children as they play. No prevention measure can substitute for careful adult supervision.

Here are some tips from the National Safety Council:

•Windows provide a secondary means of escape from a burning home. Determine your family’s emergency escape plan and practice it. Remember that keiki may have to rely on a window to escape in a fire. Help them learn to safely use a window under these circumstances.

•Keep your windows closed and locked when keiki are around. When opening windows for ventilation, use windows keiki can’t reach.

•Set and enforce rules about restricting play near windows or patio doors. Falling through the glass can be fatal or cause serious injury.

•Keep furniture — or anything keiki can climb — away from windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid

Window Safety Tips

For more window safety tips, visit www.islandpalmcommunities.com and click on “Safety Net,” located under the“Resident Programs” menu tab.

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