Footsteps in Faith: Easter brings us hope, eternal joy

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Chaplain (Maj.) Stephen Broadus
516th Signal Brigade, 311th Sig. Command 



Our Army has been at war for almost 10 years, and the signs of strain have been evident on our families and Soldiers for many years.

It is not a secret that marital difficulties and severe levels of stress have been obvious within the lives of those who serve.

A multitude of programs have been created and funded in recent years to help combat these issues, but the problems continue to stubbornly exist. However, the hope our families and Soldiers need does not exist in a new million-dollar program, a counseling session or a PowerPoint presentation.

Our hope is found in the life-changing power of something we can find during the celebration of Easter.

Hope is the answer.

Hope is found in knowing that the future will be better than today. This belief in power can be found during Easter.

Sure, programs and counseling may give temporary relief to a marriage or a person in crisis, but will this hope fade with time or be subject to circumstances?

God never promised us a life without problems or trials, but he did give us the avenue to have a hope that can last. I want a hope that brings me joy in the midst of trouble, and I am sure that is what you are looking for in your own life as well.

An old song has the words “there is a joy unspeakable.” I want that joy, a joy so amazing that no matter what is going on around me, I can rejoice in the fact that God loves me.

A hope that brings joy to us everyday is available to all those who believe and put God first in their lives.

Joy is not happiness. Joy is not dependent on circumstances. You and I can have a divine ability to have an unspeakable joy in the face of trials and difficulties, a joy that is indescribable.

So, look forward to Easter every day of your life and find the hope and joy you are seeking. Give your life to God and allow him to show you the path to a hope that brings eternal joy.


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