Straight Talk: DES Neighborhood Watch returns in full swing

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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Residents becoming familiar with their communities and taking steps to protect them is the basis of a successful and effective Neighborhood Watch.

In the first few weeks of implementing the Schofield Barracks Neighborhood Watch Program, Gordon Wiborg, deputy chief of police, Area-North, Directorate of Emergency Services, introduced Mindy Dye as the official community relations officer for Schofield Barracks communities.

Dye has attended the resident advisory panel, or RAP, for each community within Area-North. RAP meetings are an important venue for residents to directly voice concerns to a police officer.

Through the Neighborhood Watch Program, a few concerned Porter Community residents are setting up an official meet-and-greet, so other residents can see what the Neighborhood Watch Program consists of and how the program can benefit everyone.

The official start date is still in the works, but the goal is to host the meet-and-greet in early May.

In addition to the Porter Community meet-and-greet, one of the first Neighborhood Watch Program events being planned is “Walk Around Your Community with a Cop.”

Concerned residents will get an opportunity to meet with a police officer and to take a walk through their neighborhood to learn ways of preventing crime through environmental design.

This walking classroom will include tips to keep homes and neighborhoods from falling victim to crimes, such as theft. Not only is this program a way for residents to learn to protect themselves and their property, but it’s also an excellent way of getting to know neighbors and becoming familiar with surroundings.

From these personal connections and information, concerned residents will be able to recognize signs of potential, unwanted activity within their community.

Neighborhood Watch

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