Ask the Garrison Commander: Mulbury addresses sprinklers, recycling, parking and garages

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Col. Douglas Mulbury
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



The “Ask the Garrison Commander” program is designed as a communication tool to allow Soldiers, civilians and family members to get their concerns addressed and questions answered. All submitted questions come directly to me. Directorates and support staff research queries and provide responses.

Several community members submitted questions to me via the live TV2 town hall, at the Ask the Garrison Commander e-mail address, and through the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii web link at

These communication tools are provided to allow Soldiers, family members and civilians who live and work on the installation to get their concerns addressed and answered.

Q: We live in a new house with the temporary sprinklers. People keep turning around in my driveway and breaking them, and since it takes a long time to have them fixed, a lot of water is wasted. The temporary sprinklers should be replaced with permanent ones, as this would save the housing office time and money to replace the broken ones every couple of days and also eliminate this problem for the residents.  

A: The temporary sprinklers are in place to help establish landscaping in the new housing areas and will be removed as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience the broken sprinklers may cause you and appreciate your patience during the time it takes to make the necessary repairs.

To help expedite necessary repairs, please immediately report a broken sprinkler to your maintenance office so quick action can be taken, especially if it affects pedestrian walkways. Your suggestion to install permanent sprinklers is being forwarded to the Island Palm Communities’ construction liaison and development team for consideration.

Q: How can we recycle when we are not given the proper containers? I think we should start recycling our food and yard waste for the farmers or plantations, as this would cut down on garbage and help local growers. I think this is a great way to help with the green lifestyle. 

A: IPC has been looking into the possibility of obtaining larger recycling bins for our residents and is planning to make a change. Although a specific date has not yet been identified, IPC will keep all residents posted. As to your suggestions regarding recycling food and green waste, this idea has been referred to our housing team for consideration.

Q: I have read that all houses on Schofield Barracks have at least two parking places, but this is not true. I live on Floyd Street, and since the entire area in front of my house is painted red, I must park my car on the side road where Solomon Elementary School is located. Where is the second parking spot for my house? 

A: IPC informs me that everyone on Floyd Street does have two parking spaces, which includes their enclosed garage and the driveway. Per the resident guide, “Residents who reside in a home with a garage or carport must use this for vehicle parking only. These areas may not be used for storage, auto repairs or any other purpose.” The street parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: The misuse of garages throughout Aliamanu Military Reservation’s housing areas for storage results in a greater use of curbside parking. This makes our streets less safe for our children and more difficult for emergency vehicles to pass. What can be done to enforce the proper use of garages?

A: IPC patrols its housing neighborhoods on a daily basis. If an open garage is identified as being used for storage, and a resident’s car is illegally parked as a result, the resident is cited and asked to move his/her vehicle. While this process is designed to resolve most of the parking problems you mentioned, if this situation persists or if you see illegally parked cars after normal duty hours, please contact the military police.

To submit an “Ask the Commander” question, send an e-mail to For more information, call Bill Lenharr (656-0611) at USAG-HI Command Group, or call Aiko Brum (656-3155) at USAG-HI Public Affairs.

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