Footsteps in Faith: God is our best insurance policy

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Chaplain (Maj.) Ken Hubbs
Strong Bonds Chaplain, U.S. Army-Pacific 



The headline read “Towns removed from the map.” Violent storms had swept through the South, leaving nearly 300 dead, dozens missing and thousands homeless; lives had forever altered.

The pictures looked more like a collage done in art class than a photo. It was a random collection of images, a hodgepodge of hopelessness, a patchwork of devastation. Cars piled atop one another. Debris strewn about in a heaping mass, like waves on water. People walking, standing, sifting, digging or staring emptily into nowhere. A lifetime of sweat and blood — everything they’ve worked for — gone in the time it takes to ask: “Where is it now?” or “What happened?”

Suddenly, simple concerns like where you’ll sleep or where you can get a drink of clean water become burning issues. The world stops turning — briefly — and then life goes on, somehow.

Survival is more than simply not getting killed. It’s more than replacing all your stuff, rebuilding your house or cashing an insurance check. Those things better describe recovery. The beginning of survival is staying alive, and the remainder has to do with what happens as the crisis subsides.

God is in the storm with us, but he’s also in the calm after it passes.

It’s difficult to see God in any circumstance. Still, when we seek him daily, we’re less likely to ask: “Where were you when I needed you?” We’re less likely to conclude that he was missing-in-action during our storm.

Spiritually speaking, we become ultimate survivors having sought God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness daily. Our eternity is assured, and the pain and suffering of this life fades from memory.

The question is, are we always seeking his will, mercy, grace and forgiveness? It’s the best insurance policy I know of. The premium is already paid in full. We merely have to accept God’s grace on his terms and daily seek his will. Pretty simple stuff, if you think about it.

Remember, we can pick up the pieces, and life goes on for a while — but eternity is never ending. Call it Survival 101.


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